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Manager (m/f/d) for our Business Partner
Guilin FUDA Co., Ltd.
(European market with a focus on Germany)


Guilin Fuda Co., Ltd.Guilin, China


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Ihre Aufgaben:

  • Responsible for the customer's targeted projects in the region under his/her jurisdiction, digging and developing new customers/new projects
  • Conduct regular customer visits, lead business negotiations, co-ordinate internal resources to match customer needs and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Understanding and mining customer needs, coordination of internal and external resources according to customer demand, to develop solutions to meet customer needs;
  • Sales target understanding and decomposition, develop and land target achievement plan
  • Collection the information of large customers, market industry information, the establishment of large customer data files; responsible for large customer service and relationship maintenance management, and large customers to establish good customer relations


·         负责所辖区域客户定点项目攻关,挖掘开发新客户/新项目

·         定期进行客户拜访、主导商务谈判,协调内部资源与客户需求进行匹配,提升客户满意度

·         理解和挖掘客户需求,根据客户需求协调内外部资源,制定出满足客户需求的解决方案

·         销售目标理解消化并分解,制定并落地目标达成计划

·         收集所辖区域大客户信息, 市场行业信息,建立大客户资料档案;负责大客户服务与关系维护的管理工作,与大客户建立良好的客户关系

Ihre Qualifikationen:


  • Bachelor degree or above, majoring in automotive, mechanical, electromechanical engineering
  • Automotive industry related sales work experience of more than 5 years, auto parts industry sales experience is preferred
  • German / English can be used as the working language in communication, overseas work experience is preferred
  • Have the ability to independently develop customers and take orders, with German customer resources is preferred
  • Possess strong communication skills and service consciousness
  • Chinese language skills at native level are assumed


·         本科及以上学历,汽车类、机械类、机电类工科专业

·         汽车行业相关销售工作经验5年以上,汽车零部件行业销售经验优先

·         德语/英语可作为工作语言无障碍沟通,有海外工作经验优先

·         具备独立开发客户,拿订单的能力,有德国客户资源优先

·        拥有较强的沟通能力和服务意识

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